Play 2 Learn 4 Life

Children's Therapy Services Inc.

Teams Combined Professional Development

Sarah Ward's Executive Functioning course - ACT

Anxiety for children ASD - Autism Awareness

Ready, Set, Regulate: Lynda Swain's self-regulation for classrooms

Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and other Behavioural Conditions: Treatment plans - PESI Rehab

Executive Functioning: Helping our students with organization - PESI Rehab

Childhood autism spectrum disorder (ASD): Best occupational therapy practice: Michele Hebert (CAOT)

Trauma and Sensory Processing - Dr. Tina Champagne (CAOT)

Motivational Interviewing levels 1 & 2: CAOT & Change Talk

Interoception: the hidden sense and its role in self-regulation

Executive Functioning for individuals with ASD

Handwriting Without Tears, Pre-K and K-5 Workshop 

Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to picky eaters and problem feeders, by Kay Toomey Phd 
  • advanced course
  • students and school based feeding
  • feeding challenges for children with autism

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) for Reflex Integration:
  • Level 1 - Attention/Concentration (ADD/ADHD)
  • Level 2 - Emotions, Memory, Behaviour)

DIR / Floortime Approach Workshop presentation by Rosemary White (OT):             Greenspan's model of treatment for children with challenges in relating and             communicating, including autism spectrum disorder

CO-OP Approach: Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance: 
 a helpful strategy for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

ILS: Integrated Listening System - Practitioner Training Course 

Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation Assessment & Treatment - Fraser Valley Child Development Centre                       

Utilizing a Sensory Integration Theoretical Framework in the Home, School and Preschool  - Kids Can Therapy Services

The Power of Play: How Sensory Games Can Stimulate Motor, Social, Cognitive and Language Skills for all Children - Autism Awareness Conference

The Science of Making Friends: teaching social skills to teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (PEERS program) - ACT workshop

Technology for your Toolbox: Boardmaker & ipad - ACT workshop

Neurodevelopmental Treatment Approach (NDT) - Cariboo-Chilcotin Child Development Centre

Bal-A-Vis-X Workshop, Sensory-Motor Coordination activities

Evidence-Based Practice in Sensory Processing Disorder, Dr. Lucy Miller, Sensory Therapies and Research (STAR) Center - ACT workshop

The role of sensory processing in learning, behaviour & activities of daily living, Paula Aquilla, Building Bridges - Autism Awareness Centre Education Session

Helping Children with ASD (and their parents) Get the Sleep They Need  - ACT workshop

Ready S.E.T. Go! Sensorimotor Early Childhood/ Elementary & ASD, Jenny Clark Brack, OT (Move to Learn, Learn to Move) - Autism Awareness Centre Education Session

Developmental Disabilities Association Sign Language Course          

Early Intervention for Autism: Current status and future possibilities - SFU lecture

Social Interaction, Sensory & Information Processing and Genetic Discoveries in ASD: What the research is telling us - ACT workshop 

Attachment Disorders - Narramata Therapy Conference