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Our center remains open and we are able to offer in-person sessions when appropriate. 
We are continuing to follow our safety plan to ensure staff and clients are safe.

On January 7, 2022; the PHO asked businesses to resume their COVID safety plan guidelines. We need to ensure that it is safe for all families and team members at the clinic in order for us to continue to offer in-person sessions. Please know that the health and safety of our client families and our staff is our top priority. The following guidelines are in place to protect both. This will require us to approach each other in good faith, knowing that our willingness to be transparent in communication and diligent in cleaning is important for maintaining a safe environment for all. I’ve been encouraged by Dr. Bonnie Henry’s mantra: “Be kind, be calm, be safe.” The following document is in place to make sure we can be all three during the next phases of BC’s Restart Plan. Thanks for exercising due care.


The clinic phone (604-568-1986) will likely go straight to voicemail. We are are not always in the office or if we are, we are too busy with clients to be answering the office phone. Messages will be collected and returned within a week. Please instead use email to communicate with your therapist.

For families paying privately for their remaining invoices. We can accept cash or cheque payments for in-person sessions. For online payments please send e-transfers to or use Quickbooks online payments (see link in your emailed invoice), which enables credit cards.

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We are following enhanced safety protocols as part of BC’s updated Restart Plan. We have additional precautions recommended by our OT/SLP colleges, the PHO, WorkSafe BC and the BCCDC, and our insurance providers.

Mask Policy (and PPE)

We ask that all adults/caregivers attending sessions with their children wear a triple layer disposable mask while in the clinic. A mask is also required in the hallway, the bathrooms, and within the building. We encourage adults to bring/wear their own masks, however, disposable medical masks are available upon request at the front entrance. Therapists are also required to wear a mask, unless this would interfere in client care. Clients over the age of 5 are recommended to wear masks. Mask wearing for children is determined based on pre-screening questions (risk-assessment tool). Face shields are also available if masks are not tolerated. Please have the conversation with your therapist beforehand to determine whether a mask is required/requested. Only 1 caregiver per child is allowed in the clinic at a time.  Only 2 caregivers are allowed in the waiting area at a time with a space of 2 meters. We do not use other PPE as they are not required in the community (gloves, scrubs, gowns, etc.).

Telehealth/Zoom services

For clients who have had successful appointments using Zoom or Telehealth services, we encourage you to continue accessing services this way. This will eliminate any risks that may come with in-person appointments. 

Home visits 

Please speak to your therapist about when your family can resume home visits. This will be determined based on pre-screening questions (risk-assessment tool). Home visits may not be suitable for all clients/staff.  Your therapist will be in touch with you when we are confident that we can begin at-home visits while meeting the enhanced safety recommendations.

School visits  

Your therapist may participate in team meetings via Zoom, MS Teams, or teleconferencing. Your therapist will assess how they can best follow the enhanced safety recommendations before performing In-person school visits.

Eligibility for in-person appointments 

Right now, we allow up to three clients in the clinic at a time. We attempt to stagger start times to avoid arriving/leaving at the same time. Clients will be seen in separate rooms to avoid overlap.  There are plexiglass screens at tables to keep safe distances and we attempt to keep 2 meters apart during most of our sessions.

In order to be eligible to receive in-person services, clients and client caregivers must meet the following criteria, as outlined by the BC Centre for Disease Control: 

1. The child must be able to communicate whether or not they are feeling unwell. 

2. The child must be able and willing to follow instructions for maintaining a 2-metre distance from others in the clinic. 

3. The child must be able and willing to thoroughly wash hands or use hand sanitizer: 

• when entering the clinic 

• when entering the therapy room 

• after using the washroom 

• after coughing, sneezing or touching their face 

• When leaving the therapy room 

4. Children over age 5 are recommended to wear a medical/disposable mask, the child must be able to keep the mask on and avoid touching it for the full appointment. 

5. The child must be able to cough or sneeze into their elbow, throw tissues away without touching any surfaces and wash hands thoroughly. 

6. The child must be able to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth during appointments. 

7. The child must be able to avoid mouthing of objects during their session 

8. The child must be able to avoid drinking/eating during their session, unless from a closed water bottle 

9. The parent/caregiver is to speak with the therapist to confirm these conditions before booking

Reasons to cancel a visit

1. If the child or anyone in the child’s household has travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days, you should reschedule your appointment for a later date.

2. If the child or anyone in the child’s household has a confirmed or presumed case of Covid-19, you must cancel your appointment.

3. If the child or anyone in the child’s household becomes ill with the following symptoms, you must cancel your appointment: 

• Fever 

• Cough  

• Tiredness 

• Aches and pains 

• Sore throat 

• Diarrhea 

• Loss of taste or smell 

• Skin rash or discoloration of fingers or toes

• pink eye

• ongoing headache

We ask you to contact your primary healthcare provider (doctor, etc.) or call 8-1-1, and get tested for Covid-19 if you have any of the symptoms listed above. 

A self-assessment tool can be found at

If you have had an in-person visit with anyone in our clinic within the past 14 days, you must disclose this information to us, so that we can follow the safety protocols.

What you can expect before a clinic visit 

A member of our staff will call or email you 48 hours prior to your appointment: 

1. To ensure that neither the child nor any member of the child’s household has Covid-19 symptoms.

2. To ensure that neither the child nor any member of the child’s household has travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days. 

3. To ensure that you are aware of our clinic’s safety guidelines. 

What you can expect during a clinic visit 

1. Please limit the number of caregivers/attendants to 1. If possible, we ask that caregivers wait outside or drop the child off for the appointment and pick them up in order to limit the number of people in the waiting room (maximum number of people allowed in the waiting room is 2). 

2. Please wait outside the clinic until your appointment time. Your therapist will come get you at the beginning of your appointment. 

3. The door will be locked for safety. Please knock so that we can open it for you. 

4. The child and the child’s caregiver will need to thoroughly wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) when entering the clinic. 

5. The child will need to thoroughly wash hands (or use sanitizer) when entering a treatment room. 

6. Shared tools and surfaces will be disinfected thoroughly between clients. 

7. Whenever possible, services will be provided at a 2-metre distance. 

8. When it is not possible to keep a 2-metre distance, staff can use a plexiglass barrier. 

9. The child will need to wash hands thoroughly after using the washroom. 

10. The child will need to follow hygiene guidelines during the session. As listed above

11. Come expecting to play and learn! 

Cancellation and fee policies 

Fees will not be collected for cancellations due to illness, or for following self-isolation guidelines around travelling or potential exposure to Covid-19. We do not want fees to get in the way of following safety guidelines. If you have any questions, please call or email us. 

Stay in touch and let us know if you have any questions or concerns going forward

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