clinic gym clinic gym climbing up ladders/ramps Work on shoulder strength, bilateral coordination, core strength. Practice monkey bars and scooter baords 174544917 texture bin feel around rice, beans, peas, seeds. Different textures may tickle or feel relaxing. Find hidden treasures inside 174544918 printing/drawing boards can;t sit still do learn your letters? No problem, do them standing up and have jumping breaks in between. Works on wrist stability through extension by drawing on vertical surfaces 174544919 therapy balls Every size, shape and colour you can imagine. Peanut balls and balls with spokes. For rolling, bouncing and sitting on too. 174544920 Swings We have a dozen different swings to stimulate any direction of movement you like: front/back, side/side, up/down, and in circles. Ride one, curl up inside one, or swing off the trapeze and dive into the foam pool. 174544921